I know you want to feel confident in ovulation every cycle and know you are making the right changes to help you get pregnant without it taking over your every thought process.

My goal is to teach you how to give your body exactly what it’s missing so it can feel confident in getting pregnant! 

Eliminating your favorite foods and feeling confused every time you need to make a decision because you don't know how it will effect your fertility are officially things of the past!

Here's the thing:


...and we do that by optimizing ovulation - because if you aren’t ovulating like the queen that you are, your chances of conceiving go down significantly. Everything that goes on in your cycle is connected - and when you are ovulating well, your chances of getting pregnant go up (which is exactly what we want, right?). 

You don’t need to follow a specific diet or cut out all dairy (for the love of God, please stop restricting food!). 

No, you need to get back to what matters most -> being fully nourished and fertile! 

So strap on your heels babe, I'm about to take you on a journey to advanced ovulation in a way you never thought was possible: through BALANCE and LOVE.

Hi, I'm Abbie!

Fertility Nutrition Specialist + Coach

I've spent years researching and implementing the facets of fertility so that you don't have to crawl down the google rabbit hole every time you have a question.

Board Certified Nutrition Specialist & Women's Health + Hormone Coach - I designed this course to give you everything you need to optimize your ovulation so that you can get pregnant without feeling overwhelmed and out of balance. 

I know what it feels like to be struggling through months of TTC and the anxiety of pregnancy after loss. My mission is to help you get pregnant with the education and support you need to feel confident in every step you take on the journey.

This course guides you through everything you should have been taught about your body wayyy back when. 

As we focus on optimizing ovulation you will naturally see improvements in your energy, egg quality, mood, libido, cervical mucus, and more. 

In addition to the 5 module course you will be getting access to my 12 Week Protocol that will walk you step by step through my process for optimizing ovulation and boosting fertility!

Advanced Ovulation Academy

You need this course if:

  • You are fully committed to supporting your body to get pregnant
  • You are ready to make changes to how you eat for the rest of your cycling days
  • You are ready to get serious about how your lifestyle is affecting your ability to conceive
  • You desire to be pregnant but know that your state of health & fertility comes first

You do not need this course if: 

  • You are not willing to change your views on how to eat & live your life to better your fertility 
  • You expect things to change overnight
  • You are not willing to take consistent action toward getting pregnant

Advanced Ovulation Academy Curriculum

FUEL YOUR OVULATION: learn how to fully nourish your body and create a lifestyle that eliminates the little "s" stressors that are taking a toll on your fertility; we'll be talking about balancing blood sugar and eating to support getting pregnant.

TRAIN YOUR BRAIN: show your body how to get out of constant "survival mode" and enter into "rest, digest, and sex mode" so that reproduction becomes your ultimate priority. 

LOVE YOU & YOUR OVULATION: if you haven't figured it out already, YOU are our main focus and we are going to get you to a place where your body recognizes this and identifies there's enough space in your life to care for you AND grow a baby.

12 WEEK PLAN: don't guess on how to implement all the knowledge you just gained, follow my 12 week protocol to take you step by step through how to transform the Advanced Ovulation Academy into a positive pregnancy test

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  • Understanding what has been holding you back all this time and finally gain traction on making changes
  • Feeling confident in your ability to be fully nourished and fertile
  • Trusting your body to get pregnant because you know you have set yourself up for conceiving the right way
  • Experiencing life as the best version of yourself, enjoying things you haven’t felt joy for in who knows how long while knowing you will be pregnant